Mile High Squash works intensively with underserved students in Denver public schools, from their sixth grade year through high school. Every participant graduates from high school and is prepared to choose college.

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Mile High Squash works hard and plays hard; it is the only way to make forward progress. In understanding our success, and where work remains to be done, MHS looks carefully at retention, attendance, and grades. See what our students have accomplished and where MHS is heading. .

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Calendar of Events

Mile High Squash runs year-round, partnering with its youngest stakeholders - its students - to create viable pathways to college. We work hard and play hard; check out the calendar of events to see what we are up to.

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Fundraising Events

Mile High Squash provides myriad opportunities to become involved and to contribute in support of its mission to partner with historically underserved students from Denver’s public schools to create pathways to college. See what events are around the corner.

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College-Bound Framework

Mile High Squash understands that being "college bound" is a group effort. That is, students learn and prepare for their future in the context of their families, friends, school, and extended learning opportunities, along with a variety of other support mechanisms. Mile High Squash is an extension of each of these contexts, creating a strong support system that funds being "college bound."

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The Fourth Annual MHS Golf Fundraiser, Teeing It Up For College,raised just North of $20,000 for Mile High Squash. Contact Eric ( to learn more.

Mile High Squash opened its cycling program at West Generation Academy on May 5th.

Emily G finished her first term at The Hill was so difficult and so rewarding.